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Dawn, the founder of HappyVibe is a visionary leader of a global business. She has created this website and app to provide so much more than standard psychometric tests.

Dawn used HappyVibe for recruitment, harmonising teams and even to choose the best year to sell her global environmental transformation company so she could move on and help create a Blissful world.



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Discover how compatible you are with your partner or family member


Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your staff

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Happiness the greatest gift that we possess.


Instead of following your head, follow your heart and a path that is your birth right and true destiny.

To know who you are you need to find your soul purpose, your emotional passion and your physical power and from there find what is missing from your life and how to find the true purpose of your existence.

Now the big benefit of following your true purpose, instead of your present mindset is that life will become incredibly easy and you will produce more value, ore wealth and more happiness that means you will have no regrets.

Your Soul Purpose
Your Emotional Passion
Your Physical Power

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Discover about yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues and everyone you meet – check everyone out with this simple self-discovery app.

Don't be a non-believer

Understanding the 'Science'

There are so many people who require empirical evidence before believing  in a product, philosophy or idea. But wait a moment !  Do we understand why a placebo works? how acupuncture or hypnosis works?

There are so many things around us that we know work… but we can’t explain.

HappyVibe uses the ‘nine tribes’ belief that has helped countless generations of people. No, we can’t tell you how or why it works – but we can say that it DOES work.

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Our Team

Dawn Gibbins MBE

Founder and CEO

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

Lionel Palatine


The ‘Lion Man’ – Lionel is the entrepreneur.

Mike McCann

IT Guru

Makes the ideas happen

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"Really Knowing what you need to make your life complete will make a massive difference to your future. So instead of wanting a better car, a bigger house, or a loving relationship you just want to be in a place of fun, freedom and fulfillment"
Dawn Gibbins MBE
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